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Intensive Supervision and Surveillance Programme (ISSP)

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The intensive supervision and surveillance (ISS) programme is the most stringent non-custodial intervention accessible to young offenders. As the name implies, it combines exceptional amounts of community-based surveillance with a continuous and comprehensive effort to address the conditions that contribute to criminal behaviour.

The programme is designed to target the most persistent young offenders as well as those who commit the most serious offences. The program's primary objectives are to:

  • Reduce the frequency and severity of offences committed by target groups.

  • Address offenders' fundamental needs, with a special emphasis on education and training.

  • Assure communities by conducting extensive monitoring backed up by rigorous enforcement.

Young people participate in a variety of activities as part of ISS, including reparative activities, recouping the costs of crime, and reintegration into the community. The program's objective is to effect lasting change in young people and their families, as well as to reassure victims and the community. It gives extremely distressed young people a chance to rebuild their life. A significant component of the project is also devoted to education and training, which enables young people to improve their abilities and become more employable. Each young person has their own plan, which is customised to address the underlying causes of their deviant behaviour.

For additional information or to make a referral into the service please contact: 

Tel: 01634553042


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