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About Inspire

Our Foundations

Our model is founded on social work systemic theory. We bring together the fundamental requirements of humanistic psychotherapy to support our approach of reparative parenting. We understand the vital significance of developing young people who have had substantial trauma in a really person-centered manner in order to enable them to live meaningful lives.

Inspire is a long-standing provider of children's social care, offering early intervention programmes, mentoring, 16+ semi-independent living, 18+ outreach accommodation, counselling, psychotherapy and children's residential facilities. The notion that guides our work is to empower and enable individual children, adolescents, and families to make choices in safe, proactive surroundings, so supporting their increasing understanding of themselves and their place in society. We feel that positive reinforcement and reward help to build self-esteem. As a result, we make a concerted effort to discourage negative behaviour by regularly reinforcing and promoting positive attitudes and behaviours.

At Inspire, we recognise the value of consistency in care, which is why our wealth of experience in children's services has shaped the way we have developed our services. We provide early intervention services and aim to keep children and adolescents in the care of their family or caregivers. We help young people through our residential services, tailoring care and housing to their individual requirements when needed. We support throughout with mental health through our wellbeing centre, as our service users grow into young adults we continue support with our outreach services.


  • To pay attention to all the needs of each young person – health, emotional well-being and education. 

  • To work closely with others caring for our young people so that moving on from our home is likely to work in the best way it can for their future. 

  • To respect the right of each young person to have their needs met, and at the same time to help them see that other people have the same rights for their needs to be respected.

  • To find hobbies, pastimes and interests that will continue to stimulate our young people outside our home, and help them see they deserve to be included in everyday activities that other young people enjoy.

  • To work in creative and innovative ways to achieve the best we can for our young people.

  • To place young people at the centre of what we do and work together with them in making decisions about their lives.

  • To give our young people every opportunity to develop a need for learning that remains with them after they leave our home.

  • To be as well informed and trained as possible, whatever our job at the home. 

  • To understand how best to build nurturing and caring relationships with young people who struggle to believe they are worth caring for, or place their trust in others.

  • To celebrate and recognise success with our young people as a result of informal or formal achievements. 

  • To support and care for each other as staff members and model better ways of doing this for our young people.

  • To be open, honest and genuine about our needs and those of the young people we care for in a way which each young person can manage. 

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