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Wellbeing Centre Professionals


Inspire provide services aimed at contributing directly towards a range of local and national priorities and targets. “We believe that our services should be focused on prevention and early intervention rather than only dealing with the consequences of difficulties in services user's later lives.” We believe that we can play a significant role in the delivery of all Strategic Aims at local, regional and national levels.


Reduce health inequality within the Kent and Medway area.

Maintain a service that adapts to the changing demands of our local population.

Reduce stigma and discrimination around mental health.


Engage service users in designing and adapting wellbeing support and how it is delivered.

Provide online treatment to people who are unable to visit the centre or are shielding.

Increase patient participation in therapy through innovative and creative methods.

Integrate therapeutic practices into the company's staff to prevent service users' needs from escalating.

Provide specialist support and mental health programmes within the Kent and Medway area to ensure adequate provision for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder and Comorbid mental health and substance misuse.

Maintain early intervention and mentorship programmes throughout Kent and Medway, incorporating counselling and psychotherapy as needed to avert the development of mental health problems in the community.


Our team comprises of trainee therapists and those that have extensive experience within the field. Our team are members of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and/or the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). All of our therapists receive ongoing professional development that is audited on a regular basis by the profession. Inspire ensures through our safer recruitment policy that everyone is DBS checked to work with both adults and children, and that they have up-to-date and relevant qualifications and studies.

How does it work?

Our professional’s referral form is accessible online at, or you can phone the wellness co-ordinator on Tel: 01634 308490 for a no-obligation chat about how we may support.


We offer one-to-one therapy sessions, integrated support (such as community mentors and psychotherapy) and integrated family support (early intervention support workers and psychotherapy). We use innovative methods to increase engagement with wellbeing support by giving access to our 'wellness lounge,' which is stocked with board games, crafts, music, and gaming consoles. We provide online psychotherapy via a variety of safe and confidential digital platforms to increase access to wellbeing treatments.





After receiving the referral form, our wellness experts will conduct a brief assessment of the service user to determine the most appropriate therapist, mentor, and/or support package. We will provide a suggestion with a clear pricing structure; we think that wellbeing support should be available to everyone, and so offer low-cost mental health care to everyone.



Inspire use the Core Outcome Measurement Form to capture outcomes at numerous stages of therapy. If the service user is in agreement these numerical and comment forms can be shared with the relevant professionals.


Click to download our "how does it work" poster. 

Click to download our mental health awareness poster.

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