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Early Intervention

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Our Early Intervention service offers innovative support packages designed alongside Local Authorities for the purposes of empowering young people, their families, and carers to build their personal relationships and increase both esteem and resilience. These bespoke services can be effective in managing complexed relationships and offering stability at times of need or crisis. Our professional teams are flexible to meet varying needs and emergency support is often arranged the same day when required.

With the support of our Early Intervention Team, Young People can develop the skills needed to avoid family or placement breakdowns. Families and carers can be offered the respite and support needed to focus on other key areas, highlighted by Local Authorities.

Some of the outcomes achieved are:

  • Empowerment and resilience of family relationships.

  • Respite for young people, family members or carers.

  • A reduction in placement breakdowns.  

  • Improved connections to other professional networks.

  • Reduction in need for long term or intensive support.

  • Reintegration into family life.

  • Targeted and relevant information sharing.


Our Early Intervention Service enables young people to participate in a safe structured, social, and physical activity program. Whilst breaking down barriers, this enables both personal growth and achievements.

Our Early Intervention provision also incorporates family assessments & crisis intervention, to assist in preventing the ever-growing increase of young people entering the care system. Through the delivery of this service, we will enable young people to remain living with their families.

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